Learn to ride the wave of cash flow!

If you’re in Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, or Roseville these can work for you….

Man, some days it literally doesn’t pay to get up.  It’s a tough sunrise for the business owner who isn’t on the right side of the bed.   I am a small business owner, and I know how you feel!

If you don’t work you don’t get paid, that part makes sense. What hurts is while you’re working you’re not getting new work.  It’s the paradox of the early business owner.   This makes for bumps in our income and no one likes being broke.

How did I solve this problem?

I was lucky, early on I met someone that taught me about residual income.  For me this has been the best fix to the ebb and flow of the market.  Every month I get a set amount of money.  At first it was barely enough, but eventually it covered the bills.  Now, after a few years of working on it I can build my business with what I make over costs.

I build websites, and with our hosting we offer one hour once a month free service.  We are also local, and for my clients the idea that they can come in and talk to me, get work done, essentially get results, is worth the monthly fee to host their website!

What about other businesses, that are service based, non-recurring?

My Chiropractor, whose one of the most successful in town switched from individual billing to monthly subscription.  That is to say you pay a set fee every month and you can come in whenever you like. There maybe some therapies that are outside of that standard billing but for the most part you’re covered.

I have a graphic designer in Vacaville that offers a monthly fee for his service, you get a set amount of hours a month, but it’s a highly discounted price.

The trick to subscripted service is a few simple facts. Most people don’t have major back problems every month.  They don’t need 10 hours of graphic design, and probably wont make large scale changes to their websites.   What they will need is:  a simple adjustment, send some files, and maybe problem solve a web error.   That’s not really what they are paying for though.

What they are paying for is to have it when they need it.  The cost needs to be an obvious value, something that flat out wouldn’t work all by itself.   You can’t do this if you only have three clients, you have to have a reasonable base first.


If you’re a small business owner in the Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Roseville or Orangevale lets sit down and talk about how to build your business up.  Consultation is free but my time is limited so schedule now….