When it comes to value there is no better choice that ICHRONstudio.   We have been building websites for small businesses since 2005 and pack a great amount of experience into each site.  You pay about half of what the other guys offer and get twice as much for your dollar.


Building a website is easy to do, building a good website that helps your business….that’s a little harder.   We walk you through the reasons to have a website, what type of site will compliment your business, and how to utilize it to build your clientele.


A website is not enough, and if you don’t build your site to expand and grow as your business does you’ll be left behind.   We create sites that can be adapted to print ads, online marketing, and into shopping carts.  We stand by you through all your milestones of business.   Every site we build we offer one hour once a month service with our hosting.  It is one hour each month to do whatever we need to get your site updated or ready for your next promotion.


Bottom Line: Give as much as you can and clients will come back. Be there for them when they need you and they will tell others.  Give them room to grow, and they will. 


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