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Frustrated-sacramento-realtor-needs-marketingThe Weekend Update has agents and brokers from all over the Sacramento area, however Realtors utilize it more than any other industry. We asked a few Realtors what are some of the common mistakes that they had to overcome or see others continually making.

#3 “Ree La Tor”

Are you saying Realtor incorrectly? You’d be surprised how many Ree-La-Tors there are. Many are guilty of this obvious mistake including top-sellers, agents and brokers who just don’t say the word right. REALTOR. Are you one?

A few of us here were guilty of this mistake while networking with brokers, agents, and lenders. It shows a level of awareness to know how to say your title correctly. How many opportunities would a web designer miss if he said he was a Webby Designer?

#2 Bait and Switch

Too many Realtors, (did you say it right?) utilize bait and switch tactics to try and generate leads. Placing a “can’t say no” rental ad in Craigslist to try and find people to buy isn’t good lead generation. It pulls the wrong demographic in an attempt to convert cold calls into a sale. There are better ways to get qualified leads (the ones that turn into sales).

#1 Working on the database

You already know everything I’m saying and you are probably guilty of this offense at one point or another. Working hard on new leads, and networking, we often forget about those people that we have already met or interacted with. It is likely that you have a great database that you’re not growing, or reminding them that you are their Realtor. Top of mind marketing with your current database is essential.

This is how you get more referrals from clients or repeat buyers. You gotta remember that people are busy doing their thing and aren’t going to remember you if you don’t stay in contact.

We hope this info was useful to you. We can help you reach out to your database regularly and without burning them out.

Our clients use the weekend update, a non-intrusive, affordable, top of mind marketing tool. Call now to learn more!