Positions at ICHRONstudio

Who does what (Character Classes)

ICHRONstudio is broken down into job classes, Web Dev, Admin, Rep, Prop, and Key. Each class is responsible for a different aspect of the business and each has a list of responsibilities that address each Job Template and overlay. Templates and overlays are the lists of items that need to be accomplished for each job that we are hired to do.  We will talk more about them later.

Web Dev (Web Developer): The person that builds, transfers, and modifies websites.

Admin (Administrator): The person that focuses on accounting, purchases, orders, and payroll.

Rep (Sales Representative): The hunter-gatherer of the group.  The person that follows up on leads and utilizes networking to acquire new clients.

Prop (Propagation): The person that creates SEO content, advertisements, and other online marketing for both client and company.

Key (Project Manager): The person that is responsible to keep Web Dev’s on schedule, acquire additional information on projects, and manage hours spent on jobs.



The most important thing you bring to the table is the ability to GET SHIT DONE. Beyond training or education, the will to get past roadblocks is the most important asset a person has. We all have it; the drive to refuse to accept the first obvious challenge and keep going until all options are explored.

To make your dreams come true you can’t sleep in, you need to wake up and get working.

Skills and Education are tools to help bring that dream to life, but you do not need them to succeed. GSD is the ability to fail, learn, walk past it, and try something different. Rinse and repeat till you get it done.

Ultimately, in business, we are judged on what we get done, how fast you can bring it, and how good it is compared to others. This manifesto is a guide to GSD a web design company.  It is specific to that industry, but the principles apply to many situations.  As with all things, choose your team wisely, your people are what make you strong. Find those gems with the GSD ability and trust them with your dreams.

Jo Vasquez

Creator of ICHRONstudio

ADA WCAG Compliance

ADA or WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance and Audit Job Template

Job / Product Description

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1

WCAG compliance allows disabled persons to navigate and interact with a publicly used or small business website in accordance with the American Disabilities Act. It must address the needs of people who cannot see, hear, have colorblindness, or other disabilities that would otherwise interfere with their ability to utilize the basic functions of the website.

These changes will allow special browsers the ability to read text aloud, include high contrast graphics for people that are colorblind, and modify texts size for vision impairment. This also includes adding in accessibility statements to the website.

A complaint filed against a business can result in $4000 per violation and up to $150,000 in fines regarding the website alone.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations and services (especially in the government) as well as telecommunications.

Websites and digital asses are regulated with government recommendations via the WCAG. These standards are continually and advancing and require updates.

There are 3 levels of compliance. “AA” is the standard for websites to be legally compliant and navigable by most disabled persons. “A” is a bare minimum, and “AAA” is perfect Compliance (and extremely difficult to achieve).

Technical Description:

Who should be WCAG Compliant?

All state and federal government agencies in the United States are required to be ADA Compliant. Additionally, private businesses that are considered “public accommodation” are required to be ADA Compliant, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Inns, hotels, motels
  • Restaurants, bars
  • Bakeries, groceries
  • Banks
  • Accountants, law offices
  • Healthcare providers
  • Public transportation
  • Schools
  • Social service centers
  • Gyms

Sales Process

Initial Meeting

Most potential clients will not have a full understanding of what the ADA and WCAG are and the consequences of noncompliance. In our first meeting, we want to educate them on the needs of disabled clients, how it can be advantageous to their business, and keep them from legal liability. Prior to this meeting, we will need to do an ADA screening. (see below). There is a slideshow and a physical brochure that will walk through the process and is the outline of the initial meeting.

The ADA brochure will walk through the following

  • What is ADA and WCAG?
  • Who needs to have it?
  • What are the penalties?
  • What can we do to help?
  • Letter of Confirmation.

What is not included in the initial scope.

There are limitations to the level of design and interactivity that can be developed and still maintain compliance. Design elements such as color may need to be altered. Some images because of their contrast with overlaying text may need to change, and some tools or plugins that are not compliant may need to be replaced. Budget will always dictate the conclusive amount of work that is done, however, we typically set these limits in place for an initial scope of work. Somethings, such as video production will need to be developed as a separate scope of work. Below are items that can be added as a separate contract.

  • Videos must be closed caption
  • Videos cannot autoplay
  • No sliders with multiple images
  • Limited Animation


The Rep is responsible to fill out and submit the WCAG blueprint in either paper or digital. PDF tools, print copies, and a form on the website are available.

Final meeting

Delivery of the product should include a site badge linking to our letter of Confirmation standards, a pdf of the actual letter, and a walk through of the changes made.  It is important that the client understand that the letter of confirmation asserts that as of the date signed the site meets the standards set to that date and that ongoing service may be needed to upgrade in the future.


The admin’s focus will be to create a billing that matches the scope of work listed in the blueprint.  Be aware that ADA can stand on its own but is usually an overlay added in with other products. ADA requires enhanced hosting and cannot be added to a standard or reduced-cost membership.


The Key will coordinate through a preselected WAS third-party contractor.

Follow all normal 1099 Contract guidelines

Once the third party has completed the task it is the responsibility of the key to check that all work is done, and all guidelines have been met. They will fill out and sign the Confirmation Letter and deliver the site back to the rep.


  • Phase I: Intake & Assessment
    • ADA 101:Initial set up of the meeting.
    • Create an ADA Screening Report for the meeting. Determine if an Audit is needed.
    • A full audit needs to occur prior to a build to evaluate the scope of work. The audit is a detailed list of checks and documentation that is provided to the client. This coordinated by the Key for web dev or Prop to complete. Blueprint for ADA is completed based on the audit.
    • Rep sets up a second meeting that affirms scope and Calendar. The audit is provided to the client with the option to apply to build.
    • Admin will bill and Key will confirm and submit Blueprint.
    • Project is added to calendar and client is provided with links.
  • Phase II: Production
    • The Key will coordinate with the 3rd party contractor to make changes to the site.
    • This phase should be allotted 3 weeks to complete.
    • Key, web dev, or prop will do an independent check of the work.
    • Key will give weekly updates to the Rep.
    • Key will give email updates on work that has been done or on delays.
  • Phase III: Construction & Add-Ons
    • Key or Prop goes through the checklist and signs letter of conformance.
    • Letter Badge is posted on website
    • Sales notifies client of completion, delivers pdf of letter conformance or certification of conformance, and has last walkthrough.



Free ADA website screening

The first step is to get an initial screen of your site. Sometimes the issues are right up front, and this free screening will allow us to make a quick assessment of your website. We offer this free when you schedule an ADA consultation with us.

These checks cover just a few accessibility issues and are designed to be quick and easy, rather than definitive. A web page could seem to pass these checks, yet still have significant accessibility barriers. More robust assessment is needed to evaluate accessibility comprehensively.

This page provides checks for the following specific aspects of a web page. It also provides guidance on Next Steps and links to more evaluation resources.

Checks on this page:

  • Page title
  • Image text alternatives (“alt text”) (pictures, illustrations, charts, etc.)
  • Text:
    • Headings
    • Contrast ratio (“color contrast”)
    • Resize Text
  • Interaction:
    • Keyboard access and visual focus
    • Forms, labels, and errors (including Search fields)
  • General:
    • Moving, Flashing, or Blinking Content
    • Multimedia (video, audio) alternatives
    • Basic Structure Check


Full Website Audit

Once you have decided that your site needs to be WCAG compliant we evaluate the scope of the work. Every website is unique and there is no one size fits all or easy to install a plugin that can create compliance. The full audit may take several days and will produce an accessibility report. This will be used to determine the cost of your Accessibility project. We apply a portion of your audit to the final build.

The audit will be provided by a third-party contractor but double-checked by our Key.

ADA Hosting Membership (required)

All ADA memberships include one hour once a month updates to your site and an additional hour once a month to advise on content that you submit to us. Hosting Memberships also include discounts on SEO and other products. The most important aspect of our hosting is when you have a problem, you’re talking to a team that understands your website. Each product is priced with a minimum of two years of Hosting Membership.

Landing Page

Safe cost-effective, and keeps you in the game.  By reducing the workload from a complicated site with multiple pages we can streamline the process and get you compliant and accessible quickly. This is ideal for smaller businesses that are trying to be compliant but still have a need for an online presence.

Hosting includes SSL certificate SEO reporting upon request.

Standard Website Conversion

You might already have a website or need multiple pages and tools. We will look at your site’s infrastructure, forms, and media, then remap it out for ease of navigation. We go through page, by page, adding in screen reader information and labels. This process can take longer but when you’re done, you’ll have one less worry and something to be proud of.

This product is suitable for a client that needs to keep what they have but make it work within the guidelines of compliance. Clients who will need to update their sites will need this to maintain their compliance as they add new articles or services to the site.

Hosting includes our one hour once a month updates and an additional hour towards compliance issues.

New Website Build

Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch!  With this approach, we can evaluate exactly what you need with your online presence and create new and compliant tools that can easily be upgraded in the future. The new build website gives you the freedom to create a modern, up to date, platform and includes our powerful SEO sync. This perfect for growing businesses that will use their website for marketing and promotion.

Hosting includes Ongoing SEO, one hour once a month for updates, and an additional one hour of monthly towards compliance issues.

Shopping cart

This is exactly like the Standard web build but we include the online store. The credit card and shop system are usually built with compliance in mind, however many of the products within will need modification. This is one of the more complicated projects, but the most important one. You will need your store to make you money, not create penalties.

Hosting includes Ongoing SEO, one hour once a month for updates, and an additional one hour of monthly towards compliance issues.

Letter of Conformance (Certification)

This is a signed and dated letter that certifies that on the date of signing that the website meets all current AA established guidelines, including the following list of points of compliance. Website Badge that attests that your site is currently compliant. ADA hosting is required to maintain our badge of compliance.

Job Posting for Third Party

We need a website made ADA Compliant, meeting WCAG 2.1 AA standards. Site consists of ___ pages and___ WooCommerce products. It currently scores an 82% in accessibility on Google Lighthouse, but we are looking for more rigorous standards.

Please provide an estimate of how long you think it will take and whether you are able to provide documentation (and if so, how much time it will take). If you do good work, it’s likely we will use you in the future for this type of project.



So, you want to be a web head? Most people don’t understand how varied the field of web development is.  They hear “Web designer” and think you can do anything they see on their phone.  The first thing to understand is there is an early branch in the web design career. Going to college to learn the various languages, structural framework, and eventually calling yourself a full-stack web designer is like becoming an engineer that works on a skyscraper. The second path is closer to what we do, which isn’t true web design, but more of software configuration. If the guy that works and intel is the engineer, then we are more like local contractors who will install a deck or help build a new room.

What you will learn here is to set up websites for local small businesses. These aren’t innovative engineering feats, just helping local businesses get online and get some new clients. This experience can be helpful if you want to build those digital skyscrapers too. Working with client expectation, learning how to set goal with real world constraints, and most of all learning what your limitations and abilities are. These things can propel you forward into high earing positions that will help live the best life.

You should already have some skills in Photoshop and WordPress.  Html, and css, are also helpful.


To work at ICHRON a Webdev needs to know how to:

  • Purchase a domain name
  • Redirect and forward a domain name
  • Set up domain level email with an exchange server
  • Create a control panel account
  • Create a subdomain control panel account
  • Configure Server level email
  • Install a WordPress or CMS site
  • Configure a WordPress or CMS site
  • Back up and restore a website
  • Transfer a site from one account to another
  • Install an SSL certificate
  • Transfer files from one website to another
  • Create a wireframe from a blueprint
  • Install and configure plugins
  • Create a mockup
  • Install a theme
  • Customize a theme
  • Work with a client to make changes
  • Know when a website is done.

ICHRONstudio is not a school, but we will help you educate yourself. Our goal is to provide opportunities to learn and utilize the above skills. We will give you an outline of our method here, what tools we use, how to log in to our tools, and our advice. However, you will need to learn a new ICHRONsutdio Rule.


Google that Stuff. The internet is a dynamic sea of change. What you learn one day might not apply the next.  Many of the tools we use to build the sites update, upgrade, fail, get hacked, anything can happen to them.  We must change CMS’s and themes based on what’s safe and what customers want. So the real answer, sometimes, is only Google knows.

When you come to a problem, if you have spent more than ten minutes trying to figure it out with no success, GTS. If that doesn’t answer the problem, then talk to a supervisor. At the end of day, you will note what you Googled, so TAKE NOTES.

The fourth rule of ICHRONstudio: GTS

If something is baffling you for more than ten minutes, take a moment to do a google search before you stop another team member.  Check your results with a team member if it seems off or still confusing.

Alright its time to Start!  Get your first assignment from a Key or Ops and lets find out what needs to be done. IF you’re luck you’ll start at the beginning of a web build but more than likely you’ll pick up in the middle of a project.

To get certification.  You will need to have each of the items listed above signed by a supervisor acknowledging that you have thorough understanding of the topic.

Good luck.



  1. We purchase our domains at:
  2. We pay how much?
  3. We charge how much?
  4. What is a nameserver
  5. What are c names?
  6. What are MX servers?
  7. How do I set up Gmail or MSX on the domain?
  8. What is masking?


Control Panel


Create a subdomain control panel account

Configure Server level email

Install a WordPress or CMS site

Backup and restore a website

Install an SSL certificate

Transfer files from one website to another

Create a wireframe from a blueprint

Install and configure plugins

Create a mockup

Install a theme

Customize a theme

Understand each aspect of the Standard build check list

Work with a client to make changes

Know when a website is done.


The biggest problem with web development, this industry in general, is things change from year to year, sometimes month to month. Rather than create a set of rules and lessons this is a series of links, usually to the developer when we can.