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Codex is an ancient word for book. Eudcare means to draw out, or to educate.  This is an educational book for employees at ICHRONstudio. Anything you will need to know to operate ICHRON should be here. Read and GSD bro. 

Team Positions

Learn about your specific role in ICHRONstudio and how to GSD


Know what we do and how to do it


Things you’ll need to actually do the job!

Positions at ICHRONstudio

Who does what (Character Classes) ICHRONstudio is broken down into job classes, Web Dev, Admin, Rep, Prop, and Key. Each class is responsible for a different aspect of the business and each has a list of responsibilities that address each Job Template and overlay....


GSD The most important thing you bring to the table is the ability to GET SHIT DONE. Beyond training or education, the will to get past roadblocks is the most important asset a person has. We all have it; the drive to refuse to accept the first obvious challenge and...

ADA WCAG Compliance

ADA or WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance and Audit Job Template Job / Product Description Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1 WCAG compliance allows disabled persons to navigate and interact with a publicly used or small business website in accordance with...


Webdev So, you want to be a web head? Most people don’t understand how varied the field of web development is.  They hear “Web designer” and think you can do anything they see on their phone.  The first thing to understand is there is an early branch in the web design...

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Based in Citrus Heights, California, we’re always happy to help the local Sacramento community. We’re one the longest standing web designers in the Sacramento area.

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