You have come to this website because you believe that you have what it takes to build your own wealth. You are independent in thought and action, and you want your hard work to directly reward yourself and your team.

What is ICHRONstudio?

This is a platform that will network you with real people, provide you with the materials and experience you need, to create your own self-sustaining wealth. We have created a unique business model that incorporates digital applications, time-honored human interactions, and modern business theory. You can start your own business or work independently without costly risks.

How is this different from any other program that offers “wealth”?

Most MLM and get-rich-quick schemes build their success on the eventual failure of individuals lower in the organization. The higher-ups want you to set up a few accounts then fail, and they will inherit the accounts making the top tier rich. Turnover in the lower tiers is profitable.

We set you up for long-term success and we don’t promise you riches, only that you will be paid fairly for the work that you do. You can learn everything here in less than a year and go out and start your own web design company with everything that you’ve learned here. If that isn’t your mindset then this isn’t the program for you. This was built for aggressive, ambitious, and independent people.

How does ICHRONstudio make money, I’m kinds of “sus” right now.

We keep the hosting accounts. We set you up with everything you need but we will keep the hosting accounts as our part of the program. We will also offer our services to make up parts of your team that you might not have available, but we do so with the mindset that we work for you in these matters. This program doesn’t work if we rob you of your confidence and authority.

If you’re interested in this program, it’s free to read. All team positions are hired 1099 contractors. Ownership programs start as low as $299 a month and we offer fair priced support. We believe in full transparency.

Team Positions

Find out where you fit into ICHRONstudio and learn the ins and outs for each position.


This is a complete list of services that we provide to web design cleints.

Everything ICHRON

This is the complete handbook on how to set up and operate a territory for ICHRONstudio.