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To give you an idea, I started about a decade ago.  I didn’t intend to be a small business, I was just good at something and people were willing to pay me. I think the turnaround was when I made business cards. Once I did that, I felt I had to take it seriously. I had a lot of questions and it wasn’t easy to find the answers. So that’s what I’ll be answering here; what are the things that you need, to successfully start a business in the Sacramento area.

Resource for starting a business in the Sacramento area.

If you’re grabbing a little side cash, do you need to get a license? Technically, yes. Anytime you make money in a city or county they will require you to have a permit or business license.  Depending on the work, you might need multiple.

But what if you’re just doing a weekend event for a convention or a festival you’ll need a Vendor Permit? As stated previously, any time you aim to make money, you must have a permit or business license to operate. Most conventions and festivals will also require a Vendor Permit to be able to register or book your spot for them.

If you’re a vendor in the County of Sacramento you will need to apply for the county permit. If you are working within an incorporated area you’ll need to apply at city hall for a business license.

For unincorporated areas outside of Sacramento city you will go to the county website.

If you are working in these areas you will need to get you business license from their respective City Halls.

Citrus Heights –

Elk Grove –

Folsom –

Galt –

Isleton –

Rancho Cordova –

Sacramento City –