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The most important thing you bring to the table is the ability to GET SHIT DONE. Beyond training or education, the will to get past roadblocks is the most important asset a person has. We all have it; the drive to refuse to accept the first obvious challenge and keep going until all options are explored.

To make your dreams come true you can’t sleep in, you need to wake up and get working.

Skills and Education are tools to help bring that dream to life, but you do not need them to succeed. GSD is the ability to fail, learn, walk past it, and try something different. Rinse and repeat till you get it done.

Ultimately, in business, we are judged on what we get done, how fast you can bring it, and how good it is compared to others. This manifesto is a guide to GSD a web design company.  It is specific to that industry, but the principles apply to many situations.  As with all things, choose your team wisely, your people are what make you strong. Find those gems with the GSD ability and trust them with your dreams.

Jo Vasquez & Dalton Haberman