If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of it self

-Henry Ford


Business owners are stubborn. It’s what empowers them to be who they are. You must be stubborn, and a little crazy, to leave your day job and pursue your dreams. Business owners are also good at what they do. People wouldn’t pay them if they couldn’t get the job done.

However, most find it a challenge to distill down what they do into an easy to communicate, short and concise, message, then distribute it over mass media. This is where we come in. You focus on what you do well and let us get the message out for you.


You don’t need to do this by yourself.

What to expect…

Step 1: The meet and greet

The majority of our clients are from the greater Sacramento area. Building a  local relationship allows us to create a strong network of professionals we can refer to one another. It also allows us to share allegories and local success stories with recognizable names, places, and neighborhoods. We want to learn a little about what you do, and tell you what we do. If it matches up, we can schedule a jam session.


Step 2: Jam session

In the Jam session we will learn about your business, where it’s strong and profitable, and where it’s losing money. We’ll determine what your demographic is, where that relates locally, and what are your competitors doing that you aren’t. Then your online presence (such as SEO, social media, online reviews) will be evaluated. Finally, we come up with a message and strategy to move forward. We do not do high pressure sales. You will be presented with a bid and offered 10% off for that first week to encourage a decision.


Step 3: Blueprint and build

With in a week of hiring us, we will sit down with you and walk through the message we created in the Jam session. We apply it to the website or campaign that we created. You will be part of this development with constant updates. Once the blueprint is completed you can expect your marketing plan or your website to be completed with in 30 days.


Easy as 1,2,3. Schedule a sit down with us and let’s get your message out there!

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These guys do a great job! They provided me with the website I wanted at a reasonable price and finished a head of schedule. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a website.

Michael Babowal

Owner CEO, Interstate PR

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