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Meetings are essential for communication, especially in remote working environments. This list of meetings is broken down into regular weekly meetings vs. project-specific meetings.

Regular Meetings

Monday Morning Meetings

At the earliest point in the week, the whole team should get together and review the previous week and set expectations for the next week. This is a meeting that will let everyone know exactly where we sit as a company whole. It is an opportunity for everyone to share the owner’s visions and concerns and lets the team members coordinate problems solving meetings. This meeting might bring up issues, but it is not the time to solve them.

  • Owner Address: Ideally inspirational, a moment for the owner to give a direction and goals for the week.
  • Admin Notification: Addresses emails, changes in billing or workflow, payroll concerns
  • Production Review: Walkthrough on each project
  • Sales Breakaway: Set & evaluate goals, address any Rep needs
  • Production Troubleshooting: Owner & Key schedule or dive into troubleshooting issues

End of Day

This is a quick report that reviews the tasks that were completed in the day. It should be an email but can be as simple as a quick conversation. The point is to check in before you go home or make notes for the next day.

Friday Transition

This is similar to an end day, but with more details. It will need to include hours worked, appointments kept, and any issues or challenges that came up or were overcome during the week. This is designed to allow the Owner or Lead Rep to review with his team.

Administrative Review

This meeting is scheduled at the discretion of the owner and is meant to update the owner on any issues from administration and allow the owner to set goals for Admins.

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Schedules/Timelines

Project-Specific Meetings

Blueprint Review

This is an internal meeting between the Key and the Rep to review a blueprint. It is meant to give the Key a better feeling of the client’s expectations and to generate a good base to hand the client off to the key. It also allows the Key to confirm the scope of build with the Rep.

Key Client introduction

This is a call or email that introduces the client to the key. This should have a scheduled call that results in the key communicating directly with the client and confirming the scope of the build. Unlike the Reps interaction, the Key is focused on what has been purchased and confirming expectations.

Design meeting

These are additional meetings that are added to a standard project to give the client a full consultation on the appearance and effect of a project. These meetings are usually between the Key and the Client but can also be with other team members.


These are internal meetings to address issues that come up in the Monday Morning Meeting or non-emergency issues. These are meetings that address troubleshooting issues for specific issues on a project. These can also be for dealing with client issues or administrative problems.

Free consultations

These are the core of our sales process and have worksheets for each product. There are “101” booklets or sales sheets that represent each product. Reps will use these booklets and conversation guides for each product. These will have tools and checklists for the client and the Rep.

Monthly Sales Review

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. This meeting is designed to share stories of successful conversations and strategies used by the Reps and to set goals and motivations for the team as a whole.

These are all the things that we do to acquire, develop, and close a project at ICHRONstudio. As you saw there is a heavy emphasis on communication with both client and staff. If we do everything right, then our clients our satisfied.