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A good team has well-defined positions and creates pathways for communication. For our tight-knit team, we have defined the jobs and the tasks that they are responsible for. Here we will define what the job is, who would be ideal, the goals, and the special abilities each person has in the structure.

There is no formula to make a great team. There are guidelines at best. You might have to shuffle your people around or swap them out entirely based on their individual skills and background. This attempts to group various tasks in a coherent way, but you may find yourself or the team covering other role responsibilities, or narrowing contract work down to a specific set of tasks (like SEO, for example).

The Owner

Generally speaking; going into business is a bad idea.  Let me clarify, starting a small business with proper funding, experience, and the right personnel is out of reach of most people. Rags to riches stories start with someone being good at what they do and expanding on it, even though the world is against them. GTS some rags to riches stories and you’ll see they always faced daunting odds.

The ninth rule of ICHRONstudio

  1. Ride the Paradox

There is a place just beyond the impossible that we can strive to reach, but we will never get there if we don’t try to shoot past it. You need to be able to, despite the facts and figures, press on. You must be able to brave the impossible and not be overwhelmed by it. Don’t leap into the fire, that’s stupid, but believe that even though there’s a fire, you will find a way to overcome it.

The owner is usually the guy that put the money down to get the whole thing started. There can be many owners and things can get complicated. This is meant to define what the role of the owner is inside a project.

The priority for an owner is always to lead the team. He must learn to fight against the urge to micro-manage and get lost in potential threats. His second goal is to restrict legal liability. For the most part, this is a matter of ensuring that whatever we promised the client we deliver. Not every job is a good fit for the team, and the owner is the one that determines if a project is canceled, refunded, or completed at a loss. Owners are focused on legal situations and not particularly concerned with procedural efficiency. An owner is focused on keeping the team out of lawsuits and litigation while expanding opportunities for the business as a whole.   They have the right to do an Immediate Interrupt on any task at any time. Ideally, if there is any controversy, set it aside until the end of the day.

Why are you here?

This document will help you and your team work together by providing guidelines and reference charts. Every team member knows what they need to do, and how it works together. If you use these, you will be able to successfully operate an ICHRONstudio team.

Guidelines and rules are helpful but ultimately, it’s the individuals that define the team. Everyone has their own reasons as to what got them in the door. Not everyone that’s on the team is here for life. To truly work well everyone needs to have a common goal.

We all want the same thing, our aspirations to be achieved. Even though they might be quite different. Some will be here while they are in school, some to gain some experience. Some people might not even know why they are here, but if you ask them, they usually can tell you where they want to be.

Don’t keep it a secret, let the team know why you’re working.  If you know it, and they know it, it will be easier to get. No matter what your dream is, use these rules and you will achieve it.

The final Rule…

  1. Wake up to make your dreams come true.

We all aspire to better things. We all have dreams but wishing does not make them so. ICHRONstudio might be your dream, or it might be a stepping stone towards it. Whichever it is, get off your butt and get to work. To build a dream you need to get out of bed and start doing something. The more you give to your dream the closer you will get to it. The previous nine rules will help you be more than a dreamer.

Now get the fuck out there and let’s make this thing work!


The most important thing an owner brings to the table is the ability to GET SHIT DONE. Beyond training or education, the will to get past roadblocks is the most important asset a person has. We all have it; the drive to refuse to accept the first obvious challenge and keep going until all options are explored.

To make your dreams come true you can’t sleep in, you need to wake up and get working.

Skills and Education are tools to help bring that dream to life, but you do not need them to succeed. GSD is the ability to fail, learn, walk past it, and try something different. Rinse and repeat till you get it done.

Ultimately, in business, we are judged on what we get done, how fast we can bring it, and how good it is compared to others. This manifesto is a guide to GSD a web design company.  It is specific to that industry, but the principles apply to many situations.  As with all things, choose your team wisely, your people are what make you strong. Find those gems with the GSD ability and trust them with your dreams.