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The way we work with our clients defines our company. It is what separates us from our competitors and makes us stand out in the crowd. To accomplish this, we have created a unique program for our Reps. Part of our brand is that we are approachable, and we want to develop reps with that same quality.

Day one for a rep is walking through our sales process as if they were a client.  Understanding the value of what we offer is essential. Believing the product is essential. We don’t want our reps selling websites or ADA compliance, but rather helping businesses out understanding how those tools are vital to their success.

Reps will be given access to powerful network groups, local Chambers, and access to trade shows. We offer one-to-one online or in-person training for all our products. By providing tools and qualified leads, plus an aggressive commission scale, we create a positive long-term environment for experienced sales and account managers.

Sales Workflow

Once you get a lead the following will be expected:

  • Schedule an initial meeting or Marketing 101
  • Submit any closes “Start” meeting with the Key
  • Introduce the client to the Key
  • Weekly follow with Key and Client
  • Final walkthrough with Key or Client
  • Regular follow-ups with clients.

See Sample Schedule

Tools that are provided for the Reps

  • Weekly meeting to coordinate sales goals
  • Product training on new products
  • Competitive Bonuses
  • BNI membership
  • Access to Chamber Lunches and meetings
  • Additional Online Training camps

Reps can be w-2 employees that will initially work on-site or 1099 contractors that work virtually. They will determine their own schedules however their hours are based on the meetings that they set to the calendar and the groups that they attend. All Reps will be required to attend the Monday Morning Meetings.

Monday Morning Meetings are set up for the entire team to coordinate messaging and progress. Reps are expected to bring their last week’s schedule, their anticipated schedule for this week and next, and an update on their prospects. They will also be expected to have their totals and their sales projections for the month.

Daily Expectation

Reps make money by talking on the phone, in zoom chats, but not social media.  A rep is expected to make at least 5 client calls a day and has a minimum of 1 actual meeting. The meeting can be a consultation, marketing 101; anything that includes a client.

Weekly Expectations

Reps should have made at least 25 client calls throughout the week and do follow up with each client that has a current project. They should also have made at least 3 follow-up calls with completed clients to the network.

BNI groups or other networks groups must be attended weekly as well as chamber mixers or seminars.

End of week

Reps should review all their clients and send an end-of-week update to them that discusses what was completed and what is next. The Rep may need to set up a meeting if there are multiple projects.

Pay Structure

Travel and food are not included.

Commission based on monthly totals from the first day of the month to the last.

$0-$999: No commission start looking for retail positions.

$1,000-$1999: 10%: you need to work on that a little.

$2,000-$3,999: 25%: We’ll keep you around for now.

$4,000- $5999: 30%: I think you’re getting it

$6,000-$8,999: 35%: I like you a lot.

$9,000+: 40%: Everybody wins.

Blueprinting Session

Blueprinting is a follow-up session, after payment, that will help define expectations for the build. The blueprint will outline client expectations, the scope of work, and will set the milestones for the project.  A project can be paid for but cannot be started without a blueprint.

The session can be over the phone, in person, or online. If it’s in person, the Rep can use a physical workbook or the online form.

The Rep will find out the basic information for the website, colors, preferences, examples, themes, and templates. They will also narrow down what exactly the client is purchasing, what we are promising to deliver, and the general timetable for the project.  The blueprint is an essential part of the client relationship and needs to be well thought out and double-checked.

Once the blueprint is completed the Rep will deliver a copy to the client.  An additional supplemental email will be sent with links to upload images, usernames and passwords, and additional content. The supplemental email can be sent by the Key.