Do you need SEO to do local business?


SEO for small businesses is a necessary step to success. However local businesses or smaller start ups might not need on-going SEO. To truly decide if you need SEO, you need to understand where your business is, how marketing will affect your sales and returns, and a fundamental understanding of how search engines function. Without these tools you could be throwing your money away.

You can be the best in the business at what you do, but if nobody knows you or your company exists then what good does that do for you or your potential client. With today’s technology and how consumers are looking to find businesses at their fingertips, even old-school business practices need to adapt.  That’s what we’re here for!

SEO Cleanup

For those that already have a website, we will need to go through the current content and structure of the site and modify it so that it’s more SEO friendly. This means that when people search for information that is relevant to you and on your website, it increases the chance of Google ranking it higher on those lists. Thus, Search Engine Optimization. Most of the work is just on the backend and can change some sections to look slightly different to meet these requirements, but more often than not is just about rebuilding in a different way to appear similar to you and your clients, but look better for Google.

When we talk to you about this service, we will get your current SEO score, as well as a list of what needs to be fixed to get that score higher. There are roughly 30-40 items that we make sure your website meets to help you score higher. The higher your score, the easier it’ll be when you add content to move you up in ranks. Increasing isn’t a guarantee and is something that takes keeping updated with to make use of. If a website is left stagnant and there’s no update, you’re considered less relevant and moved down the list. This is why we offer the hosting plans afterwards, to keep you up on any changes in the algorithm and keep you relevant!

  • Basic Plan –

With the Basic Plan, after we get the site above the 95%, we monitor it regularly. As stated above, things change, and Search Engines change what they are looking for to consider relevant. Each quarter, we make sure that the current content and any additional content that you have provided on the site is at least kept SEO friendly. This will help keep you from falling down the ranks and even raise you slightly as your site gets looked for or clicked into.

  • Expert Plan –

With the Expert Plan, we do similarly to the Basic Plan, but we push to make your site easier to reach in the topics that you want. Each quarter, we work with you on creating content that’s your primary focus for traffic. This moves you up because it’s current information, it’s about a topic that is all over your site, and provides useful knowledge that people tend to look for when attempting to get services such as yours. What better result could someone want than to know what they need to do and have access to you on the same page.

  • Advanced Plan –

The Advanced Plan is a much more aggressive version of the Expert Plan. Each month we’ll work with creating content on a topic, updating information, or discussing current trends that people are looking to and pushing the information even out on Facebook. We do not cover the cost of boosting the post, though we could work out something if you have a budget that you’d like to keep, but only want to pay one person. The site will grow in size and with each new page Google has more chances of finding you in each topic or relevant searches. While it does still take time for Google to find you and process the changes, it increases your odds of moving up in the categories as time goes on.


Deciding to do SEO is a long-term investment. You can’t benefit from it by just doing it once and calling it quits. To stay even close to the top, you need to be active and push to keep your name and brand on everyone’s mind. Most businesses can’t focus on it simply because of the amount of time it takes to keep up with the ever changing views of Search Engines. We understand that as well, it’s why we’re here to do it for you, so you can focus on the part of your business that you love and don’t need to spend time on something you’re unsure of.

We offer a free phone assessment to help you figure out if SEO is your next best move.  Call now and let’s plan out your digital front.

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If you’re still unsure after all the information that SEO is your next move, we do offer Jam Sessions to help discuss more about your business goals in person. We can help guide you to the next steps on your path to building up and even put the cost of the session towards whichever service of ours turns out to be best suited for you. Find out more here!