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You are going to hear everything that can be said about social media if you look for it. YES, it works; Do it, NO it’s not worth the time run away from it, SEO is better: pay an expert to get you to number one, Video blog is the only way…. it goes on and on. So how do you really know. Well, I am here with the practical look at small local business.

I have found it’s not the medium but the individual. If you’re not very social IRL (in real life), as the kids say, then you’re probably not going to get far with your social media message. Yes, you might close some deals from spamming Facebook, but most small local businesses know a majority of the people in their social media circle. Nobody wants to see Aunt Ellen’s 17th post about saving 10% on her homemade preserves, especially if you already bought some. It’s cute the first five times.

Social media is meant to be social. They have paid for ads, and those can work, but that’s for another day. Today I’m talking about your own personal pages, or one for your local small business. Here’s three easy ways to build your own page.

  • Join Groups

Go into your Facebook and search for local Groups. I live in Citrus Heights CA, so I typed in “Citrus Heights Groups”.  It showed me a few and I clicked the ‘show more’ link. I joined “Citrus Heights/buy/Sell/ Trade”. It had several faces I knew as it chooses groups from my network.

I am an avid comic book fan, and so I also searched some indie comics groups and joined those. Sometimes you’ll be able to post straight away, sometimes you’ll have to wait, but once you’re in start reading their posts.

  • Talk in groups

Once you’re in you can read some posts. Respond if you’ve got a helpful thing to say, and let people know what you do.  On a post about needing 3d printing, I noted that I have a printer, and I know some local guys that do it. I also noted that I build websites, I’m not a professional 3d model maker, just have an avid interest. Guess what happened a few hours later: Someone asked me how much it would cost to build a website. You don’t need to shout 10% off if you buy now, you just need to be approachable. Be friendly and helpful, and even if you don’t get a sale, you probably made a friend.

  • Make friends!

Once you’re in the group and you have some posts you’ll notice that people may want to friend you. You’ll get requests to “like” their pages. DO IT! You can always turn off notifications if it’s something you’re not interested in, but knowing what’s going on in your community helps you chat it up. You also should invite members of the group to be your friend or like your pages.

The truth: is it free? You won’t pay any cash but you will pay with time. Nothing is free, as my father used to say: “You always pay the rent, even when you think it’s free.”

If you have any questions or need some help feel free to contact me @ 916 439 6589