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    The Flow of Business

    Welcome to ICHRONstudio. If you’re sitting down and ready to build a website this form will walk you through the marketing concepts sitel structure and purpose of a website.

    Our goal is to create a seamless flow from beginning to end to avoid adding time and cost to your build. With years of experience we have created what we call the “Flow”. It's 5 easy steps that walk you through the very core foundations of your marketing. From the first place they see your name to the moment they click the button, we will walk with you as we build this marketing tool.

    The point of the blueprint is NOT to build your website but to BUILD YOUR MESSAGE.. Your website is only a tool that you will use to draw in customers and build your business.

    Thanks for letting us join you on your path to success.

  • Client Information

    We need to know who you are and how to get in contact. The information in this section information will not go on the website unless you want it to.

  • Website Information

    This section is information that you want to be placed on the web site.

  • If different than Client Phone.