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Who’s Who at ICHRONstudio?

ICHRONstudio works in teams. We build tight-knit, high synergy teams that can dominate a region by directly engaging the community and its business networks. Each location will have an Owner, Admin, Key, and Reps.  These are meant to be onsite jobs that are the core of your team. Web Devs and Props are often off-site freelancers or third-party contractors.

Each person is responsible for a different aspect of the business, and each has a list of responsibilities defined in the job templates. Templates and overlays are the lists of items that need to be accomplished for each project that we are hired to do.

Click on each role to learn more about Daily Expectations, Meetings, Reports, & more. Save your role as a bookmark if it’s you!

  • The Owner (the big Kahuna): the person that puts their cash on the line to get everyone working.
  • Key (Project Manager): The person that is responsible to keep Web Devs on schedule, acquire additional information on projects, and manage hours spent on jobs.
  • Rep (Sales Representative): The hunter-gatherer of the group. The person that follows up on leads and utilizes networking to acquire new clients.
  • Admin (Administrator): The person that focuses on accounting, purchases, orders, and payroll.
  • Web Dev (Web Developer): The person that builds, transfers, and modifies websites.
  • Prop (Propagation): The person that creates SEO content, advertisements, and other online marketing for both client and company.

This team structure allows the business to take several projects and keeps clients and coworkers communicating.