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My site is hacked!

Sacramento businesses need to watch out for Hackers.

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What do you do when you get an insane text that tells you YOUR site has been hacked! And its from your own account? This can be pretty scary stuff, but more than likely its just a scam or phish. In this particular case they spoofed this persons name and demanded they give them 2k and if they didn’t they’d leak sensitive information.

These predators are relying on media reports of these things happening to large companies. Most smaller or micro businesses don’t keep sensitive data on their website. We encourage our clients that do online transactions to use Stripe or Paypal.  If they do need to do transactions on the website we have a solid firewall that goes above and beyond the standard issues.  For sites that do transactions we also have heavy duty SSL encryption.

When the client contacted me about this, even though I was pretty sure it was a scam, I jumped on to our server, confirmed that the site was live and resolving correctly. Then, I went into the back-end to see if there were any intrusions or uploads. I did a quick malware scan, and then changed the passwords to the site.  I checked her SEO too, as the tool allows me to look at recent back links. We had a back up already, but once the site was clean I did a second back up.

If you get a text like this and you don’t have anyone that you can call it can be very stressful. My clients have back ups and protections, if you’re unsure about they safety of your site, or you have received a text or email like this one, please give ICHRONstudio a call or email.


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